Clinic Audits

‘Clinic auditing is a timely process or system of inspection undertaken to ensure specifications conform to documented quality standards.  These should meet any published, evidence-based standards in order to benchmark service provision’ 

Our company offers fully compliant and constantly up-to-date clinic audit tools with the latest Legislation and Guidance for Infection Prevention & Control, such as Code of Practice 2015 and Regulation 17 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities), Regulations 2014 (part 3) states that systems or processes must be established and operated effectively to ensure compliance with the requirements (of Regulation 17 – Good Governance).

Our audit tool ranges are comprehensive, full audits and/or single subject, and not all of our tools are sold on the website such as Theatre audits, High Impact Interventions, observational audits, medicines management and many more. These are all widely used in the Acute sector and/or Independent Hospitals and can be purchased for web self-audit use by your own staff and/or as a license for your Hospital. All of our tools include reports and actions plans, which are then produced instantly when your staff member completes the respective audit chosen.

Alternatively, an on-site visit from one of our qualified staff from the Infection Control Team can be arranged.

For more information on a more Hospital wide package contact us today on 02089062777.

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