Infection Control Manuals


There are two different Infection Prevention & Control manuals available for hospices – one for adult hospices and one for Paediatric hospices. These manuals have differing suitable polices within them, and are essential references for any Hospice. These specific manuals have been fully updated to bring in the changes of 2018. All of our infection control polices and standard operating procedures are  in full  compliance with the Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014, Code of Practice 2015 and all related Legislation and Guidance.

Divided into logical sections for easy reference, and with additional resources such as posters, flow charts and forms for outbreak management, the manual includes an extensive section on evidence-based nursing care, including PEG feeding, respiratory care, wound care, urinary catheters, peripheral cannulae and much more.

These policy and procedure manuals provide a comprehensive range of documents/policies and/or standard operating procedures covering all aspects of infection prevention and control – both policies and safe practice guidance – divided into sections. Each document clearly explains how infection prevention and control practices can be applied in your environment to ensure infection prevention as well as service user and staff safety. Available as both hard copy and pdf formats – the latter hyperlinked for ease of use – these manuals are an essential reference source for all staff.

On producing the manual, it will come with the name of the facility named throughout each page with the relevant start and review dates. If you wish to add your logo this is at extra cost – please contact the office to arrange this service on 020 8906 2777.

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