Adult Hospices and Paediatric Hospices

Welcome to our Hospice sector for Infection Control products and Services.

This sector caters to Hospices – Adult and Paediatric.

Infection Prevention Solutions has worked in this sector since 2002 and over the years we have tailored our products and services to the key requirements of CQC, focusing on what you need to stay compliant in the area of ‘safe’ within the 5 key lines of enquiry (5KLOE).

Within this sector we’re will be showcasing all our RCN Accredited IP & C Link Practitioner courses running across the UK, our key infection Prevention & Control manuals and standard operating procedures including the full catheter suites, advice line services, in-house training and auditing tailored to the facility.  Whether you choose the self web audit or an independent audit where our staff come on site and audit for you, both will provide a full colour coded reports and action plan specific to your facility.

Within this sector we also look at comprehensive cleaning management solutions as another area which falls in ‘safe’ of the 5KLOE.


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Annual Packages

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