Cleaning Partnership Programme

Infection Prevention Solutions recently launched our brand new and innovative Cleaning Company Partnership Programme.

It is increasingly important that cleaning standards in health and social care continue to improve and that all cleaning companies have access to structure, systems and processes to deliver high standards of cleaning, to maintain safe and hygienic environments. This in turn enables their clients to demonstrate compliance with Criterion 2.

The purpose of this new programme is to allow our clinical staff to be able to provide recommendations for cleaning companies trained in understanding infection control when cleaning health care environments to our client base. All registered health and social care providers are required by The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 to provide the best infection prevention and control measures in a clean and safe environment to ensure all service users receive safe and effective care.

Infection Prevention Solutions already audit many of our clients on Infection Control and Cleanliness and have in the last year alone undertaken almost 5000 audits across all sectors and trained 1000’s of Practice Managers, Registered Managers, Nurses and Matrons. They ask us regularly if we can recommend a cleaning company, but until now we have always had to say no.

To become a cleaning company we are confident in recommending, your company would complete a Cleaning Partnership Programme with us. All new partners must work through an overall gap analysis, through which we check what you are doing currently, COSHH data sheets, cleaning products used, cleaning schedules, training programmes and so on. This allows IPS to understand how you work currently, what needs changing , and what assistance you might require to reach the starting point.

IPS then allocate you a qualified Infection Control lead, so your cleaning company can in fact work closely with our clinical team, use our knowledge, access our resources and skills to assist your company in either meeting the right healthcare standards and/or to maintain these standards in line with CQC and your healthcare client expectations.

Feedback, Reports and Action Plans

All Partners have the benefit of having ICCM undertake the monitoring visits to selected sites, providing feedback, reports and action plans

Access to Resources

Access via the programme to Manuals and Documentation, Auditing and MonitoringTools and Advice and Guidance Services

Get Approved

Approved Partners will be able to use the IPS Approved Partner logo and seal of approval in marketing their services;

Once in the programme and onto the next step after registration, your company will receive the following for the standard small company programme:

  • Management advice and support line
  • An allocated member of the Infection Control team to assist your company throughout the year
  • A complete set of sector specific cleaning manuals and all supporting documentation
  • Cleaning audit tools, provided via our ICAT software management system
  • Cleaning schedules will be provided by email once we have reviewed the ones already in use. If your cleaning company’s sector specific schedules are not sufficient, we will supply those ourselves or amend your own
  • Training for all staff groups. We would train the team leaders on how to train their own staff (train the trainer training) so they in turn an train the cleaners, IPS supply the materials and packs.
  • The cleaner’s Supervisors and/or Management course (one day on site or use of the open course dates) this is the higher level decontamination lead training.
  • We write to all your clients stating your cleaning company is now part of our Partnership Programme with Infection Prevention Solutions and our team will now be working to help their cleaning company to improve and/or maintain the healthcare standards to the benefit of their clients. We will also inform your clients we will select at random clients to do a full on site cleaning audit and ATP testing to be sure our cleaning partners maintain the standards we work together to maintain.

Following completion of Step 2 “Affiliated Partnership” status will be conferred on the Company and the logo will be issued (see brochure).

This lowest is priced at £1,900 plus VAT per year and is payable as one invoice, or alternatively you can pay £190 plus VAT a month over ten months via standing order.

Please see the full  brochure (download it here) for all  your benefits when you reach approved status, which is when we tell our clients about your services and recommend you as a formal partner of ours.


Our team at Infection Prevention Solutions want only two Cleaning Partners per major city, except London where we need up to eight and one only cleaning partner in major towns.  We are not looking to make this a large programme but a solid and robust one across the UK, so that our clients can find you in our systems and hear about our cleaning partners on our newly launched social media and news pages. We publicise all approved partners at our open courses at the relevant locations that your cleaning company covers.

Infection Control Cleaning Management (ICCM)

Infection Control Cleaning Management (ICCM) is a company within the Infection Prevention Solutions Group (IPS Group) which was formed in response to the needs of Health and Social Care providers to satisfy the cleanliness standards of the Care Quality Commission under fundamental standards – ‘Cleanliness, safety and suitability of premises and equipment’.

It is increasingly important that cleaning standards in health and social care continue to improve and that all cleaning companies have access to structure, systems and processes to deliver high standards of cleaning, to maintain safe and hygienic environments. This in turn enables their clients to demonstrate compliance with Criterion 2.

Proud to be Partners

Peace of Mind

The Code of Practice 2015 Criterion 2 requires the healthcare provider to nominate an environmental cleaning lead with responsibility for cleaning standards. Although this responsibility cannot be sub contracted to a third party, this will help provide both you and your client with peace of mind.

Expert Support

You will be able to demonstrate that you have access to expert support which will also enable you to support your client. We will provide guidance and support by phone/email for your nominated lead to assist them in achieving compliance with the relevant standards.

Leading Tools

The ICAT software will provide you with an efficient tool for performing cleaning audits at your client sites. This will provide confidence to both you and your clients that your services are delivering the right quality outcomes, compliant with the relevant legislation and guidance.

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