Environmental Cleaning Policies & Procedures Manual


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Criterion 2 of the Code of Practice  levies on providers a specific duty to:
Provide and maintain a clean and appropriate environment in managed facilities that  facilitates the prevention and
control of infections
(Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice criterion 2)
In the context of  environmental  cleaning, Practices are also required to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act  and other legislation together with a number of expert guidance documents. Expert guidance specifies requirements for
the delivery (and monitoring) of specific health and care cleaning techniques, processes and frequencies
based on assessment  of environmental risk.
These policies, procedures and guidelines should also be relevant to the regulated activities that the facility provides.  Registration with CQC Outcome 8 also requires that facilities are compliant with the Code of Practice Criterion 2.
Our manuals will fulfil this criterion.
Environmental Cleaning Policies & Procedures Manual in the Primary Care Sector (without Schedules)

The manual is an invaluable reference source for your staff and management and is a companion volume to the infection control manual (sold separately).