On-Site Training – FAQ

Frequently asked questions about On-Site Training

How is the training managed on site?

We take all the equipment with us including the screen, projector, hand hygiene kit and all training packs allocated to each session.

Do my staff get individual certificates?

Yes, all Surgery staff get Individual certificates, we also give one ‘SURGERY’ certificate naming all the attendees and which course they have been on, on the back.  This is for ease of CQC inspections.

Should my cleaner be involved in the non - clinical training too?

We recommend your cleaner(s)  attend the non clinical training  and if  they also get a IP & C workbook this should help of them gain some understanding to Infection control which is a requirement for them to have.

What is a Cleaners IP & C training workbook?

This is a full colour comprehensive  workbook ( includes cleaning schedules examples for use) which we can bring with us on the day  of the training and spend 30 minutes at the end  to take your cleaner(s) through it,  and assist where they may have questions.  This Cleaners workbook and added service is a additional  £40.00 No vat.  Your cleaner will also get a certificate.

One book per cleaner are its personalised to them. The IPC workbook are only £40.00 with this order you can buy it for only £30.00 no Vat Add to trolley.

Most cleaners are forgotten in the IPC training updates at Surgeries this help them enormously to be included and have their workbook to fall back on.

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* Statistics based on Jan 2015 – Oct 2015