Annual Package Bundle (IPC and ICC)

£1,990.00 £1,592.00

£1,990.00 £1,592.00

Infection Control Cleaning Annual Package

Infection Control Cleaning Annual Package

Supporting your Cleaning & Domestic Staff to Deliver a Clean & Safe Environment Annual Decontamination Lead Package

Infection Prevention and Control Annual Package

Infection Prevention and Control Annual Package

This tailored package level is targeted at the Infection Preventions & Control Leads for your health care facility.

12 month contract with Infection Prevention Solutions – with advice line availability for all your Infection control advice needs.

An Infection Prevention and Control with Infection Control Cleaning Annual bundle.


ICC Annual Benefits

  • 12 month rolling contract with Infection Prevention Solutions – with advice line availability for your on-site decontaminations lead.
  • One place on our brand new Managing Environmental cleaning Health Care course (full day). Includes drinks and lunch.
  • An on-site Cleaning Audit + ATP swabbing to establish a baseline position re-existing standards – this is done by our IPS team – they will show you how to do these audits on our software used by your own staff. Full swabbing report is supplied.
  • Development of an Improvement Action Plan.
  • Access to 4 downloadable cleaning audits for monitoring your cleaners in line with the new fundamental standards expectations. This to be done over one year.
  • A PDF set of Manuals including Cleaning Schedules & Checklists and a hard copy is sent out for the cleaners.
  • Up to four cleaner Infection Prevention and Control Training Workbooks.

IPC Annual Benefits

  • One place on our any Royal College of Nursing accredited IP & C Link.
  • Practitioner course for any sector – just choose your place anywhere in the UK.
  • An on-site infection control audit with full colour coded report with references throughout & Action Plan.
  • On-site IP & C training for all staff – 2 hours for clinical and one hour for non-clinical in a GP surgery.
  • For social care clients this is spread over one day for staff training.
  • Access to 1 full downloadable infection control audit to be done in house after we have undertaken your first audit. This can be done at your own convenience. This will provide another full set of colour coded report and action plan.
  • A PDF and hard copy set of Infection Control Safe Guidance Policies Manual
  • Full copy of all of our SOPS
  • All infection control updates throughout the year.
  • Two IP & C cleaners training workbooks.